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Repair and repowering

Transformer commissioning tests Installation of the active part into a transformer tank after full refurbishment

Transformers at industrial enterprises in general and in electrometallurgy, in particular, are a key link in the production process. Consideration must be given to the fact that in modern conditions of market competition requirements for transformers have significantly increased, and many transformers in service, have worked for more than 25 years.

The most important problem in connection with the exceeding of standard operation time of the main power park of electric and furnace transformers is the problem of extending their reliable operation period up to 50-60 years, while ensuring an acceptable level of reliability and, if possible, reducing operating costs.

To maintain the required level of transformer fleet the company "Delta Trafo" Ltd. offers its partners the following proven solutions:

release of a new series of transformers both in traditional designs, and using innovative electrical materials and solutions;

repair and refurbishment of transformers, which, as a rule, have already wentthrough their standard operation time. Moreover, repair, and modernization can be accomplished with a redesign based on the latest electro-technical materials and technical solutions with the increase of standard operation time and capability.

For each project specialists of “Delta Trafo”:

conduct analysis of the current state of a transformer;

determine the possibility and  reasonability of use of one or another new technical solution, material and construction design;

give the grounds to the customer.

This approach allows the company's customers in a short term to get a transformer after the refurbishment or repair with standard operation time of 25-30 years, 3 year guarantee, the same as  a modern analogue but for 60-80% of the cost of the latter.

Due to the fact that, as a rule, the adjustment dimensions are preserved, there is no need to rebuild the transformer cell, and the operation range on the LV side fully complies with the requirements of the technological process of the enterprise.


Reliable work of transformer equipment is impossible without competent operation and timely quality service and, perhaps most importantly, correct choice at the design stage.

«Delta Trafo» offers

  • Technical advice about the questions of operation, repair and manufacture of transformers.
  • Diagnostics and giving recommendations about maintenance and operation.
  • Integrated maintenance of transformers up to 220 kV of all types and manufacturers, including CMDs, tap changing devices, cooling system, etc.
  • Expert evaluation of technical condition and identification of causes of accidents.
  • Assistance in choosing the parameters of a transformer, its configuration and preparation of technical requirements for production/repair.
  • Feasibility study of reasonability of repair/refurbishment or making a new transformer.
Repair and refurbishment of any complexity Rigging and transportation Installation and setup Manufacturing and supply of components
  • Project development for the electric supply of furnaces, including overvoltage limiters and RC circuits, installations of series capacity, low-voltage circuit , transformer cooling system.
  • Customer training.
  • Installation and supervision.

Production of components

Windings for transformer reactors
Low tension leads
Insulation manufacturing
Inductive shunts
Magnetic core

For industrial companies and maintenance organizations with qualified personnel, special equipment and appropriate facilities for the replacement of windings, insulation, tap changing devices, attachment implements , CMD, on-off valves, «Delta Trafo» Ltd. is ready to supply all the necessary components of our own manufacture as well as of reliable partners-manufacturers.

Our experts will help you make the best choice, to formulate technical requirements or to complete questionnaires and to place an order.

If necessary, we can arrange delivery, installation, testing and commissioning.

Warranty on the supplied components of own production is 18 months; the other components are covered by the warranty of their manufacturers.