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Efficiency and development in the sphere of production
The day of Russian entrepreneurship in the Ministry of industry.
Efficiency and development in the sphere of production
A solemn presentation of the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award was held in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship of the Nizhny Novgorod region on May 26, 2017, the Day of Russian Entrepreneurship.

The purpose of the contest was to encourage the most successful entrepreneurs of the Nizhny Novgorod region, who had achieved high business efficiency and high growth rates over the past year.

The commission of the contest consisting of the government representatives of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the agency of strategic initiatives and public organizations selected the winners in 8 nominations.

The company "Delta Trafo" took the 2-nd place in the nomination "Efficiency and development in the sphere of production".

The decision was made with the help of a scoring evaluation of the main indicators of the enterprise: profit, tax deductions, salary fund, etc.

"Today, the Nizhny Novgorod region takes leading positions in the development of entrepreneurship among other regions of Russia, for example, in the sphhere of investment of small enterprises into the basic stock, we occupy the first place in the country, overtaking Moscow and St. Petersburg, which indicates that the pace of business development is quite high" - said Maxim Cherkasov, Minister of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship of the Nizhny Novgorod region.
Time of summing up
The anniversary was another reason for customers and partners to express their gratitude for the work done.
Time of summing up
The year 2017 for the company "Delta Trafo" is the time for summing up the results, assessing achievements, determining the vector for further development.

50 years ago the plant for the repair of transformer equipment was founded. Since that time, the company has been able to become one of the industry leaders, having consolidated in the international market, working tirelessly on the quality of the services provided.

Orientation to the needs of the customer, creating conditions for fruitful interaction, strengthening the technical base, improving the skills of specialists are the basic principles of the work of "Delta Trafo".

The anniversary was another reason for customers and partners to express their gratitude for the work done to the staff of "Delta Trafo", to congratulate them on their 50th birthday and to wish them development and prosperity.

Contribution to the development of industry and long-term work of "Delta Trafo" is noted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and for achievements in the development and popularization of domestic transformer industry the company is admitted to the collective members of the Academy by the decision of the General Meeting of the Academy of Electro Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation.

The staff of the company "Delta Trafo" expresses gratitude for cooperation, warm words and kind wishes to the Tikhvin Ferroalloy Plant, the Volga Abrasive Plant, ZET ENERGO, UMMC-Stal, STU AKONT, Chelyabinsk Electrometallurgical Combine, NPC Energotechnology, the Academy of Electrical Engineering of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade The Russian Federation, the administration of Shatkovsky municipal district and our partners.

Let communications grow stronger, and the quality of products and services continues to benefit the customers of "Delta Trafo» for many years.
The results of the IV scientific and technical seminar
The foundation for obtaining practical knowledge was provided by representatives of the scientific community.
The results of the IV scientific and technical seminar
On April 6, 2017, the IV industrial scientific and technical seminar "Accident-free transformer. Scientific foundations and practical solutions that work" was held in in Nizhny Novgorod.

About 100 representatives from more than 30 enterprises of metallurgical, machine-building and electro technical industries took part in the work of the seminar. With every year the interest to the event has been increasing and the geography of the cities, from which the attendees of the seminar have been arriving, has enlarged, from Novosibirsk to Taganrog and from Chelyabinsk to Cherepovets.

The foundation for obtaining practical knowledge was provided by representatives of the scientific community. Among the speakers of the event there were candidates and doctors of technical sciences with reports on the reliability of electricity supply and on modern methods for assessing the residual life of the insulation system.

The guests of the seminar grooved on the questions of increasing the service life of furnace transformers, repair of a transformer at the installation site, questions of estimating the actual service life of power transformers, etc.

The relevance of the topics, the quality of the speakers and the positive feedback from the participants show that the "Accident-free Transformer" seminar has once again became one of the most anticipated and useful events for specialists in the field of energy, engineering and metallurgy.

On April 7, within the framework of the seminar, the participants visited the production base of "Delta Trafo" - its insulating, winding and assembly shop, the design department. The participants were given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the winding process, inspect the finished transformer and its active part.

The list of questions that are covered at the seminars and the team of the speakers is formed as a result of the feedback received from partners and clients of "Delta Trafo".

Any specialist in the industry can take part in the formation of the seminar program.

Write to us about what is interesting to you in the framework of the seminar at the e-mail: seminar@dtrafo.com and, probably, your question will be in the program of the seminar in the year 2018.

You can download archives of presentations and photos by clicking on the links below:

Presentations - https://yadi.sk/d/w9Nx13mO3GvqsS
Photos of the speakers - https://yadi.sk/d/A5_dzUL13GtHCs
Photos of the seminar guests - https://yadi.sk/d/3MpS5mkZ3GtHFC
Overall plans - https://yadi.sk/d/oWv1u6zu3GtHHm

Information partner of the event was the magazine-reference book "Electrotechnical market".
Moving the venue of the seminar
Seminar "Accident-free transformer 4.0" will be held in the hotel complex "Alexander Garden"
Moving the venue of the seminar
Dear colleagues!

The seminar "Accident-free transformer 4.0" will be held on April 6, 2017 in the Conference Hall of the hotel complex "Alexander Garden" (Nizhny Novgorod, Georgievskij sjezd, 3).

We make your stay at the event as comfortable as possible; therefore we constantly work to improve the quality of every moment connected with the organization of the annual seminar "Accident-free Transformer".

This year we moved the place of the meeting to the historical center of Nizhny Novgorod - the hotel complex "Alexander Garden", located near the embankment and the Kremlin. Please pay special attention to this when ordering a taxi or planning your rout.

We will be glad to see you among the listeners of the seminar "Accident-free transformer 4.0".

Location map http://www.achotel.ru/kontakty

See you soon!

About company

Today “Delta Trafo" is a company offering a full range of high-quality and timely services in the field of electro transformable devices, including design, production, refurbishment and repair.

“Delta Trafo" Ltd. is constantly growing and the main development factor of it is, above all, human resources. Our employees are professionals in their field, including: PhDs, authors of articles for specialized publications, leading engineers and designers in the field of transformer building and technical consultants with extensive working experience in operating enterprises.

The main result of their joint effort is a quality product, due to which we are highly appreciated by customers.

We are trusted by clients from 80 regions of Russia and abroad, many of them are our partners for more than 45 years.

"...Mutually beneficial cooperation over the years allows us to state with confidence   that "Delta Trafo" Ltd. is considered to be one of the leading enterprises of the Russian Federation in the market of design, production, repair, refurbishment, supply and maintenance of transformer equipment..."

from the review of “Transnational Company “Kazchrome” JSC

Professionalism of our staff,   reliability of our suppliers and strong manufacturing base is a guarantee of quality of provided services. In 2014, the company's products earned the award "100 best goods of Russia".

The company has implemented and has been practicing quality management system in accordance with the international standard requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) for the design, development, production, maintenance and repair of electro technical equipment.


Decree No. 57 was signed by the Ministry of energy and electrification of the USSR about the startup of the factory for repair and modernization of high-voltage transformers with voltage up to 500 kV.

In November of the same year repair with the change of windings of autotransformer ACCTG-135000/500 for one of the key objects of Nizhny Novgorod electric power system – Arzamas electric substation 500 kV was carried out.

Performed  full refurbishment and modernization   of  electric furnace, traction and  auto-transformers:

  • carried out  the first full refurbishment  of electric furnace transformer ЭОМН-1500/10 for an induction furnace;
  • implemented a project for the full refurbishment of  electric furnace transformer  ЭТЦПК-13500/10 for arcsteel melting furnace;
  • performed modernization of traction transformers ОЦР-2800/25 for electric locomotives Д-92, Д-94 иВЛ-41.
On-site teams for repair transformers of I-IV dimensions at their installation site were set-up.

Mastered the repair and refurbishment of traction transformers for electric locomotives of Soviet production ВЛ65 (ОНДЦЭ-6610/25), ВЛ80 (ОДЦЭ-5000/25Б), ВЛ85(ОНДЦЭ-10000/25).
The 10000-th transformer was repaired.
(ТДН-10000/110 for the Gorky research Institute)
Mastered repair with the change of windings of traction transformers SKODA SL of Czechoslovak production for locomotives ЧС4, ЧС4Т.

The 35000-th order was accepted.

Mastered the production of inductive shunts ИШ-95 и ИШ-009 for electric locomotives ВЛ80К and ВЛ85.
The first transformer unit of its own design ЭОЦНК-16000/10, designed and manufactured specially for “Transnational Company “Kazchrome” JSC, brought the company to a new stage of development.
Passed the certification of international quality system ISO 9000:2001.

Nomenclature of electrical transformers, manufactured by”Delta Trafo” according to its projects, meets the needs of enterprises of all industries specific to their technological processes.

Using modern design and technological solutions, «Delta Trafo” implements projects to improve the operating efficiency of transformers and extend their service life.